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Gaia collection features a unique series of seating units and stools which explore the traditional sense of a sofa as units of harmonious topography. Gaia re-imagines seating as more than an object, but as a space, a place and a volume. Like a gateway to a scenic landscape, these sensuous layers flow in the space espousing the organic with the geometric.  It’s sophisticated sculptural form welcomes  as well as embodies the human body from different angles, inviting and accommodating dialogue and interaction. The marriage of deep earthy tones with brass, and textures of marble, are a subtle visual resonation to an illuminated landscape. 

Gaia collection investigates the perfect nature of the human body in relation to architecture, space and objects in order to celebrate the imaginary and the ephemeral qualities of nature. It aspires to discover new perceptions that capture emotions. Inspired by the golden ratio of human anatomy, Gaia seating units comprise of a sequential system of anthropometric golden circles that overlap and are tangential to each other in relation to the different positions/gestures of sitting. In this way, it poetically embraces the body from multiple positions. 

Situated between fantasy and reality, these pieces can be rearranged, turned around and positioned freely, encouraging users to engage and contemplate the different possibilities.  Gaia reinterprets and plays with the essence and the archetypes of seating. By embodying the geometry of the human body and gestures, these poetic landscapes transform the everyday object into a sensorial and timeless experience.